311 - Music - RSD Essential Translucent Orange Vinyl - 2xLP

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RSD Essential 045 * First time on colored vinyl & includes 4 BONUS TRACKS * 311’s debut studio album ‘Music’ celebrates 30 years. Newly remastered and expanded on translucent orange vinyl and a specialized Pearl embossed cover. Includes 4 demos on vinyl for the first time.


Track Listing:

1. Welcome
2. Freak Out
3. Visit
4. Paradise
5. Unity
6. Hydroponic
7. My Stoney Baby
8. Nix Hex
9. Plain
10. Feels So Good
11. Do You Right
12. Fat Chance
13. Fuck That Bullshit
14. Welcome (Demo)
15. Visit (Demo)
16. Fells So Good (Demo)
17. Paradise (Demo)