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John Powell - The Bourne Identity (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2022 Reissue - LP

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Expected release date is 12th Aug 2022. Note: track listing and release date are subject to change.

Product Overview

The original soundtrack from the first Jason Bourne film, The Bourne Identity is being re-released on LP in timing with the 20th anniversary of the film. The movies have earned an incredible 1.67 billion dollars globally at the box office. John Powell is an accomplished film composers well known for his tremendous scores for animated films, including Shrek, and the Oscar nominated How to Train Your Dragon. His successful action films including the Grammy nominated Solo, and the Bourne franchise


Track Listing:

1. Main Titles
2. Bourne Gets Well
3. Treadstone Assassins
4. At The Bank
5. Bourne On Land
6. Escape From Embassy
7. The Drive To Paris
8. The Apartment
9. Hotel Regina
10. At The Farmhouse
11. On Bridge Number
12. Jason's Theme
13. The Bourne Identity
14. Drum And Bass Remix