Nothing But Thieves - Dead Club City - Deluxe Edition - 2xLP

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Expected release date is 15th Mar 2024. Note, product may be subject to changes in release date, as well as variation in characteristics such as track listing, cover art, and record color at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Overview

Nothing But Thieves / DEAD CLUB CITY Deluxe Vinyl LP


Track Listing:

1. Welcome to the DCC
2. Overcome
3. Tomorrow Is Closed
4. Keeping You Around
5. City Haunts
6. Do You Love Me Yet?
7. Members Only
8. Green Eyes :: Siena
9. Foreign Language
10. Talking to Myself
11. Pop the Balloon
12. Oh No :: He Said What?
13. Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God
14. Pure You
15. Overcome (Stripped)
16. Tomorrow Is Closed (Stripped)