Sepultura - SepulQuarta - Indie Exclusive Black Vinyl - LP

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A "live" collection of 15 classic Sepultura tracks recorded on the band's pandemic-born podcast "SepulQuarta", a live stream organized once a week during the quarantine to talk with experts and musical colleagues from all over the world. On each episode the band and guest prepared & performed a special recording of one song from the band's catalog.
Track Listing:
1. Territory (Feat. David Ellefson)
2. Cut-Throat (Feat. Scott Ian)
3. Sepulnation (Feat. Danko Jones)
4. Inner Self (Feat. Phil Rind)
5. Hatred Aside (Feat. Angélica Burns, Mayara Puertas ; Fernanda Lira)
6. Mask (Feat. Devin Townsend)
7. Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering (Feat. Emmily Barreto)
8. Vandals Nest (Feat. Alex Skolnick)
9. Slave New World (Feat. Matthew K. Heafy)
10. Ratamahatta (Feat. Joao Barone ; Charles Gavin)
11. Apes of God (Feat. Rob Cavestany)
12. Phantom Self (Feat. Mark Holcomb)
13. Slaves of Pain (Feat. Fred Leclercq ; Marcello Pompeu)
14. Kaiowas (Feat. Rafael Bittencourt)
15. Orgasmatron (Feat. Phil Campbell)